Over the winter months I’d started to think about building a new ROV. My existing design although it worked was quite slow in the water and so I started to think of ways to improve it. At this point I heard about a project called OpenROV that had been been funded on Kickstarter. I liked the design of OpenROV and even more the vibrant community led by Eric Stackpole and David Lang that had grown up around the project.The design was constantly being updated and solutions to problems worked upon, with the results being fed back into the community.

The design files were available for download , as well as a bill of materials and a wiki page describing the build process so I decided to make this my next project.

Next time to start ordering components starting with the plexiglas from Evonik Industries AG


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We traveled to Manchester for their two day Mini Maker Faire at MOSI on the weekend of the 28th/29th July 2012. This was a big event and we were in one of the building opposite the main building. The event seemed to be well received and we had an enjoyable couple of days.

mosi train

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We traveled all the way to Dublin for the inaugral Dublin Mini Maker Faire taking place on the 14th July 2012 with our ROV’s. The event attracted over 5,500 people on the day and we had a great time came explaining all about our ROV’s and met many people who were engaged in their own projects.

Irish coffeemom and dad dublin 2012tintin

The organisers also made  a Video Recapping the event




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We attended the Derby maker faire with our ROV and micro ROV’s. setup was on Saturday the 2nd June and we got the opportunity to play with the other projects and have a tour of the silk mill as well as see a talk by Tim Hunkin.

Luke with Tim Hunkinsilk museumluke playing

entrancedalekour stand derby mmfderby mmf 2011 micro rov

The event was held on the Sunday and was very wet but we still had a good time


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