I’m an enthusiast with an interest in programming, electronics and gadgets.


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  1. Hi Peter.

    Found a movie where you are holding a talk about ROVs.
    Very good and interesting talks!

    I have built an ROV in the past and now I sit with my next build ROV # 2.

    Links to my ROV # 1:


    My new ROV will be controlled by an Arduino which I now sit and programming.

    Hope to hear from you and that you continue to build new ROVs.

    Daniel Jonsson / Sweden

  2. Hey Martin,

    My name is Tasso, I’m in my senior year of highschool in the New Haven Connecticut area. Me and a group of five other classmates are two years into an ocean engineering focus. This year we are competing in the mate rov competition in Seattle Washington. We are currently designing our ROV, with a completed fabrication deadline for a functional rov being late march of 2013. I came across your website today and am intrigued by your design. You appear to have constructed a fantastic vehical. I have some questions about your housing and propulsion control system using the Wii nunchuck. Whether these systems worked for you, specifications, problems that arose, and any general advice you have going into the design and fabrication stages of building an ROV. If there is any way I might be able to pick your brain, both my classmates, and I would greatly appreciate it. I will leave an email I can be reached at.


  3. Hi,Martin
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  4. Hey all,

    I’m a veteran/engineer and I too am interested in building an underwater ROV. I’m actually looking around for a stepper motor or servo motor configuration with PVC pipes to turn my rotors. I have a photo albulm in my Facebook page that you can see for yourself.


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